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  • Sustainability in focus in new growth strategy at Combitherm

    14/02/2023, kl. 11:00

    With a new growth strategy and in-house skills, Combitherm is now accelerating the development of sustainability as a general element.

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  • Insulating mats for open refrigerated counters

    14/11/2022, kl. 11:00

    High energy prices cause retail stores to cover open refrigerated counters with insulating mats from Combitherm. It saves up to 30 percent on energy consumption for each refrigerated counter.

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  • Winter mats with insulation of 78% recycled fibres

    18/11/2021, kl. 12:00

    At Combitherm we constantly develop both our quality and concepts. With a major investment in a new production technology, the company now offers even stronger, sustainable winter mats with insulation made of fibres from recycled plastic bottles....

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  • Concrete duvets reduces the lead time of concrete elements in the casting process

    20/05/2021, kl. 12:00

    Combitherm in East Jutland provides thermal technology that can increase efficiency and ensure consistent quality in the concrete element industry. This is done with specially designed thermal concrete duvets adapted to the needs of the customers.

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  • Concrete elements achieve the right quality with concrete duvets

    28/01/2021, kl. 12:00

    At Gandrup Element A/S, the smallest details must be controlled when concrete elements are cast. Together with Combitherm, Gandrup Element A/S has found just the right solution.

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  • Tablets are protected with thermal covers during transport

    05/01/2021, kl. 12:00

    Pharmaceutical manufacturer Pharma Nord ships medicines, vitamins and supplements to more than 40 countries, often by air. Therefore, the temperature fluctuations to which the goods are exposed on the way to the customer must be controlled.

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  • Winter mats based on recycling strengthen sustainable construction

    14/11/2019, kl. 12:00

    Sustainable construction starts right down at the winter mats. Combitherm mats are made from 78% recycled materials. The construction industry has a steadily increasing focus on sustainability and environmental impact.

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  • 40 years of tailor-made temperature solutions for several industries

    17/06/2019, kl. 11:00

    Combitherm in Them makes a living from stable temperatures and extensive know-how. They have been doing that for 40 years, and there are clear plans for significant growth in the coming years.

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