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  • Blade covers ensure quality and strength of wind turbine blades

    13/09/2023, kl. 09:00

    When Dencam Composite A/S produces moulds for the production of wind turbine blades, Combitherms specially sewn thermal blade covers form a natural part of the advanced casting process to ensure the right quality and strength of the wind turbine blades.

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  • Winter mats protect the construction at Dansk Boligbyg

    16/08/2023, kl. 09:00

    Dansk Boligbyg is a major turnkey contractor, which together with the client develops and constructs large residential buildings. Here, there is a strong focus on the quality in which the building is to be delivered. Therefore, it is important to protect the construction while working.

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  • Combitherm help secure the construction of a new solar park

    03/07/2023, kl. 12:00

    Combitherm has entered into an agreement with the electricity company Reel that ensures the construction of a new solar park near Silkeborg. From 2024, Combitherm will be supplied with electricity from the new solar park, making Combitherm a frontrunner in the green transition and contributing directly to Denmark's transition to renewable energy.

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  • Export: Combitherm enters the German concrete market

    12/06/2023, kl. 12:00

    German concrete element manufacturers have spotted Combitherm A/S, which helps optimise the curing process and save energy in production. This is the result of a targeted export effort by Combitherm A/S.

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  • Sustainable strategy: Production waste can be recycled

    24/05/2023, kl. 12:00

    Combitherm’s new sustainability strategy is already bearing fruit. We have changed the processes, and this results in, among other things, an optimised cutting of foils to reduce waste - waste that can also be recycled.

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  • Combitherm participates at BetonTage 2023

    02/05/2023, kl. 12:00

    Visit Combitherm at BetonTage - Europe's largest precast congress in the Congress Center Ulm (Germany).

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  • Thermal concrete duvets help large concrete plant to save energy

    21/04/2023, kl. 12:00

    Weber Betonwerk is offering a wide range of high-quality precast concrete elements for residential and commercial construction. To counteract the increasing energy costs, the concrete plant are now covering the concrete elements with thermal concrete duvets from Combitherm.

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  • Grocery shop saves 1,000 KWh a month using thermal insulation mats

    27/03/2023, kl. 11:00

    The grocery shop “Min Købmand” in Laurbjerg near Langå saves 1,000 KWh a month after a group of young engineering students visited the shop and solved the problem of sky-high energy consumption from the shop’s freezer.

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  • Sustainability in focus in new growth strategy at Combitherm

    14/02/2023, kl. 11:00

    With a new growth strategy and in-house skills, Combitherm is now accelerating the development of sustainability as a general element.

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  • Insulating mats for open refrigerated counters

    14/11/2022, kl. 11:00

    High energy prices cause retail stores to cover open refrigerated counters with insulating mats from Combitherm. It saves up to 30 percent on energy consumption for each refrigerated counter.

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