Combitherm thermal asphalt duvets


Thermal asphalt duvets

Thermal asphalt duvets - optimal insulation of asphalt during transport keeps the temperature stable

Excessive cooling of asphalt during transport from the asphalt plant to the construction site can result in quality deterioration, wasted time, lower productivity and increased costs.

Combitherm thermal asphalt duvets are an effective solution when the asphalt needs to be kept warm during transport. The high insulating ability of the asphalt mats prevents the asphalt from becoming stiff and difficult to work with.

Noticeable advantages

  • Insulation from 90% rPET fibres
  • Effective protection against cooling of the asphalt
  • Light, flexible and easy to handle
  • Great strength and long durability
  • Withstand direct contact with bitumen
Combitherm asphalt duvets effectively safeguard against inopportune asphalt cooling
Maintain temperature with thermal asphalt duvets
Thermal asphalt duvets - light, flexible and easy to handle
Combitherms thermal solutions have been developed with a focus on quality from the inside out

Quality, Inside Out

Combitherm thermal asphalt duvets have been developed with a focus on quality and durability. The thermal solution is based on a strong multi-layer construction with efficient Polywool insulation with spiral polyester hollow fibres, as well as an outer foil of coated textiles, which enables the asphalt duvets to withstand direct contact with bitumen without being damaged.

Customised thermal solutions

Individual design and high flexibility ensure easy handling and effective covering when construction companies have to transport and maintain a high temperature during transport of hot asphalt for a whole day.

Combitherm thermal asphalt duvets can be manufactured in different sizes adapted to customer-specific requirements and needs.

Caring about the environment

An uncompromising choice of materials and a proven design mean that Combitherm thermal asphalt duvets have a long lifespan and can be reused time and time again.

Polywool insulation consisting of 90% recycled fibres helps to increase sustainability and overall the effective insulating ability means that the thermal asphalt duvets meet all needs for an efficient protection of warm asphalt during transport.

Keeping asphalt hot all the way with asphalt duvets

Case: Munck Asfalt

Keeping asphalt hot all the way with asphalt duvets

When Munck Asfalt drives asphalt from the plant to the roads to be asphalted, the temperature of the hot asphalt is controlled. This is due to custom-made asphalt duvets by Combitherm, who are specialists in unique and challenging jobs relating to passive temperature control.

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