COMBITHERM thermal asphalt duvets


Thermal asphalt duvets

Thermal asphalt duvets - maintaining temperature to save energy and improve quality

If the asphalt cools down too much during transportation from the asphalt plant to the construction site, you will not be able to lay it – with resulting downtime, lower productivity and higher costs. The COMBITHERM asphalt duvets effectively safeguard against inopportune asphalt cooling.

The duvets can also withstand direct contact with bitumen, unlike a lorry’s tarpaulin, which can be ruined by it.

Noticeable advantages

  • Effective protection against asphalt cooling
  • Protect the lorry’s tarpaulin
  • Lightweight, flexible and easy to handle
  • Great strength and long durability
  • Available in custom sizes
Maintain temperature with thermal asphalt duvets
COMBITHERM asphalt duvets effectively safeguard against inopportune asphalt cooling
Thermal asphalt duvets - lightweight, flexible and easy to handle

Quality from the outermost to the innermost layer

The Combitherm thermal asphalt duvet is a multi-layer structure with high-performance Polywool® insulation and an external layer of coated textile that withstands temperatures of up to 220° C. A well-tried high-performance structure that ensures an optimal custom solution.

Individual design and tailored fabrication mean that the COMBITHERM thermal asphalt duvets provide optimal insulation during asphalt transportation. An uncompromising choice of material gives the COMBITHERM asphalt duvets great strength and long service life.

Customised solutions

Combitherm thermal asphalt duvets are manu-factured in formats and sizes that are tailored to the needs and requirements of individual customers.

Keeping asphalt hot – all the way

When Munck Asfalt drives asphalt from the plant to the roads to be asphalted, the temperature of the hot asphalt is controlled. This is due to custom-made asphalt duvets by Combitherm, who are specialists in unique and challenging jobs relating to passive temperature control.

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