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The best winter mats in the building and construction industry

Combitherms winter mats with HauCons own logo are developed to protect the building from frost, rain, heat and sunlight

33 years of collaboration and constant focus on innovation have made Combitherms winter mats the best solution in the industry.

HauCon in Lystrup, Denmark, supplies a wide range of products and solutions for contractors and the construction industry. Their thermal mats - also known as winter mats - are a particularly important product in winter, which they have been buying from Combitherm for 33 years.

Combitherm produces the winter mats, and according to Haucons Sales Manager, Jakob Knudsen, they are an essential product during the cold months. Newly poured, unhardened concrete must not freeze or be exposed to large temperature fluctuations, which is why the mats and their properties are in high demand, especially during the winter season.

Jakob Knudsen, Sales Manager at HauCon, is delighted with the product and the collaboration with the winter mats.

“We are delighted to be working with Combitherm. It’s an innovative company with environmentally friendly products and an intense focus on sustainability. They listen to us and always make us feel welcome. Combitherm has continuously developed their product, and therefore, they are at the forefront of the market,” says Jakob Knudsen from HauCon.

Why do you have Combitherm winter mats in your range?

“They are the best on the market. The winter mats have been further developed over the years, which is why the product today has many benefits that we can’t find anywhere else. They are better insulated, and the insulation is fixed to the foil, so they can be used horizontally and vertically without any problems. Combitherm winter mats are also the most environmentally friendly, as they have a long service life and can be recycled. Even if there are holes, they can be patched with duct tape, which prevents water from getting into the mats. It’s not something where it pays to save money because we need the best product, and the winter mats from Combitherm are the best product!”

Why is it important to offer thermal winter mats to your customers?

“It’s a necessary product. All major contractors should use it, as the high insulating properties of winter mats reduce the risk of drying out and cracking if there are large temperature differences. We sell most in the winter, but it’s also relevant in the summer when there can be big temperature differences. It’s a quality product that we’re pleased with. We have also been allowed to have our logo on the winter mats, which is good advertising as the mats can be seen in many places - especially in winter, of course,” says Sales Manager Jakob Knudsen.

Combitherm winter mats are used to cover newly poured foundations and other types of masonry, casting, and earthworks. They ensure that work can continue even when the frost sets in.

The mats are designed to protect against frost, rain, heat and sunlight. The winter mats have a strong multi-layer construction consisting of effective insulation with 78% recycled fibres and a foil composed of 30% recycled plastic. The winter mats are also 100% non-toxic and dust-free, so no protective gear is required.


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Photo at top: Combitherms winter mats with HauCons own logo are developed to protect the building from frost, rain, heat and sunlight.

Photo below: The winter mats are most often used to cover newly cast foundations and other forms of masonry, casting and earthwork. Here, the mats are used in a football stadium, where you want to avoid frost in the ground before a European Cup match.

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