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Winter mats protect the construction and ensure the quality at Dansk Boligbyg

Dansk Boligbyg is aware that the winter mats from Combitherm are made of environmentally friendly materials

At Dansk Boligbyg - a Danish turnkey contractor - there is a strong focus on the quality in which the building is to be delivered. Therefore, it is important to protect the construction while working. This also applies to a residential building in Aarhus.

The ideal solution

Winter mats are the ideal solution for protecting newly cast foundations, but winter mats can do much more than insulate against cold or heat. They can also protect against scratches, impacts and falling objects. That is what the turnkey contractor Dansk Boligbyg has realised, and they have invested in Combitherms winter mats to keep them on hand.

"It is important to us that the construction appears without minor damage in the phases up to final completion, and it was actually a bit of a coincidence that we found out that we could use Combitherms winter mats as a cover. And I must say that it works flawlessly. Among other things, we use them to protect the railings on the balconies so that they are not hit by building materials, such as mortar, pebbles, and paint, etc., when we work upstairs," says Kenneth Kastbjerg Kreutzfeldt, Project Manager at the company.

Winter mats for all seasons

At Dansk Boligbyg, winter mats are used both for the traditional covering when casting insitu when it is cold and wet in the weather, but also in the shell house to keep it dry and warm in some parts of the building, where they are simply used as temporary partitions. In this specific case, it concerns a residential development in Aarhus with 31 homes and two commercial leases, where Dansk Boligbyg has chosen to buy Combitherms winter mats for the purpose. 

"The mats are manageable and do not absorb moisture. Not even if there is a small tear in the foil. Therefore, we can use them for many different purposes in construction, and we have actually invested in a whole pallet of winter mats to keep in stock," he says.

Awareness of environmental initiatives

Dansk Boligbyg is also aware that the winter mats are made of environmentally friendly materials, which fits in well with the company's sustainability strategy:
"The winter mats from Combitherm are made from mainly recycled materials from plastic bottles. This is an environmentally friendly approach that suits us. The material also means that the mats are easier to handle due to their low weight, that they do not absorb moisture when they get wet, and that the material in the mat itself can be recycled again," says Kenneth Kastbjerg Kreutzfeldt.

The company also experiences that clients are starting to demand sustainable solutions, so it is something that is spreading into the choice of materials and other equipment used in the construction phase.

Dansk Boligbyg has its head office in Horsens and branches in Aalborg, Odense and Roskilde. 


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About Dansk Boligbyg

Dansk Boligbyg is a major turnkey contractor, also called a management contractor, which together with the client develops and constructs large residential buildings. 110 employees are employed on several different construction projects with construction costs in the range of DKK 50-350 million. 



Photo at top​: Dansk Boligbyg has just handed over this building, where Combitherms winter mats have protected the railings on the balconies while work was still being done on the upper floors. Photo: Dansk Boligbyg.

Photo at the bottom: The winter mats are also used in the raw house, where they are used as temporary partitions, in order to heep the individual departments of the building dry and warm.

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