At Combitherms we are building our business on longstanding customer relationships


Strong solutions and strong collaborations

At Combitherms we are building our business on longstanding customer relationships with an ongoing, close dialogue. Find selected cases with both end users and vendors below.

  • HauCon - winter mats

    HauCon - winter mats

    03/01/2024, kl. 10:00

    HauCon in Lystrup, Denmark, supplies a wide range of products and solutions for contractors and the construction industry. Their thermal mats - also known as winter mats - are a particularly important product in winter, which they have been buying from Combitherm for 33 years.

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  • Dencam Composite - blade covers

    Dencam Composite - blade covers

    11/09/2023, kl. 12:00

    At Dencam Composite A/S Combitherms specially sewn thermal blade covers form a natural part of the advanced casting process to ensure the right quality and strength of the wind turbine blades.

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  • Dansk Boligbyg - winter mats

    Dansk Boligbyg - winter mats

    16/08/2023, kl. 09:00

    Winter mats are the ideal solution for protecting newly cast foundations, but winter mats can do much more than insulate against cold or heat. They can also protect against scratches, impacts and falling objects. That is what the turnkey contractor Dansk Boligbyg has realised.

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  • Weber Betonwerk - concrete duvets

    Weber Betonwerk - concrete duvets

    21/04/2023, kl. 12:00

    To counteract the increasing energy costs, the concrete plant Weber Betonwerk in Ippesheim, Germany has thought of new ways in the production of balconies and stairs. The concrete elements are now covered with thermal concrete duvets from Combitherm.

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  • Min Købmand - insulating mats

    Min Købmand - insulating mats

    03/04/2023, kl. 11:00

    Refrigerated counters and display freezers in shops are large and expensive to run, and it became a financial problem for shopkeeper Marianne Helboe, who runs the Min Købmand grocery shop. With the help of Combitherm and a group of students from the Bachelor of Engineering programme in Aarhus, Denmark the runaway electricity bills was reduced.

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  • SuperBrugsens Ry - insulating mats

    SuperBrugsens Ry - insulating mats

    14/11/2022, kl. 11:00

    High energy prices cause retail stores to cover open refrigerated counters with insulating mats from Combitherm. It saves up to 30 percent on energy consumption for each refrigerated counter.

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  • Munck Asfalt - asphalt duvets

    Munck Asfalt - asphalt duvets

    07/07/2021, kl. 09:00

    When Munck Asfalt drives asphalt from the plant to the roads to be asphalted, the temperature of the hot asphalt is controlled. This is due to custom-made asphalt duvets by Combitherm, who are specialists in unique and challenging jobs relating to passive temperature control.

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  • KEN Storkøkken - thermal covers

    KEN Storkøkken - thermal covers

    03/02/2021, kl. 14:00

    Meals for the elderly must be handled and delivered based on strict requirements for the correct temperature being maintained from production to delivery. Madservice Vejen meets that requirement in full when using Combitherm thermal covers to ensure a stable low temperature.

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  • Gandrup Element - concrete duvets

    Gandrup Element - concrete duvets

    28/01/2021, kl. 12:00

    Casting concrete elements is an advanced technological and chemical process that needs to be controlled down to the smallest detail in order to achieve the right quality. Gandrup Element A/S excels at this technique and has optimised the curing process in collaboration with Combitherm.

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  • DHL - air cargo covers

    DHL - air cargo covers

    07/01/2021, kl. 11:00

    DHL specialises in global transport solutions in all emerging markets, including the food and pharmaceutical industries, where the requirements for correct temperature are in focus throughout transport. The solution from Combitherm was and is “rather simple”.

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  • Pharma Nord - thermal covers

    Pharma Nord - thermal covers

    05/01/2021, kl. 12:00

    Pharmaceutical manufacturer Pharma Nord ships medicines, vitamins and supplements to more than 40 countries, often by air. Therefore, the temperature fluctuations to which the goods are exposed on the way to the customer must be controlled.

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