Thermal solutions for the building and construction industry

Thermal solutions

Building and construction industry

Effective thermal solutions address sustainable development in the building and construction industry

Combitherm provides you with effective thermal solutions that address sustainable development in the building and construction industry. This is made possible by our thermal covers and mats in eco-friendly materials. We develop thermal solutions according to your requirements, and in such a way that they are easy to handle, optimise day-to-day operations and allow you to ensure the correct temperature of asphalt and concrete elements.

Stabilisation of temperatures requires effective thermal solutions

During the production process one of the critical issues in the building and construction industry is the stabilisation of temperatures. In the concrete industry, it is essential that temperature development during curing of concrete elements take place under controlled conditions. Otherwise, there is a risk of cracks in the concrete, leading to deterioration of the element's quality and strength. Concrete cools from the outside and a significant change in temperature between the inside and outside may cause cracks and unstable structures. It is therefore important to effectively insulate the outer sides of concrete elements.

It can be a challenge to ensure the correct temperature in the concrete elements, particularly during the cooler months. This also applies to construction companies that need to transport hot asphalt and maintain a high temperature while driving all day.

Eco-friendly thermal solutions contribute to sustainable operation

Sustainable awareness is playing an increasing role at many companies in both Denmark and the rest of the world. There has been a greater focus on how companies can reduce their CO2 emissions and ensure a more sustainable and climate-friendly operation in the building and construction industry. In this respect, companies look at several environmental factors in day-to-day operations, not only in terms of the consumption of water, electricity and heat as well as choice of building materials, but also the way in which waste is managed and disposed of. Here it is an advantage to use insulation solutions with a long shelf-life and in eco-friendly materials that can be reused and disposed of sustainably or reused.

Simple and tailor-made solution to make life easier

It is very important that work processes in day-to-day operations run smoothly and without problems. The insulation solution must therefore be easy and flexible to handle in order to avoid unnecessary resources being used to cope with the task. Our products are tailor-made according to your wishes having the measurements and necessary functions needed in an efficient workflow.

Thermal solutions for your tasks

We have more than 40 years of experience in developing effective thermal solutions that meet the needs for temperature protection in the building and construction industry. Our range includes our winter mats, concrete duvets and asphalt duvets, all of which are effective in ensuring optimal temperature conditions.

The following industries use our thermal solutions:

  • Contractors
  • Building and construction companies
  • Precast concrete factories
  • Municipal building and construction departments
  • Asphalt factories

Concrete duvets for indoor use


Our concrete duvets are developed in high-quality eco-friendly materials, which results in a long lifespan and therefore a low TCO. They retain both the heat and moisture of the concrete elements, which ensures the most optimal conditions for the concrete elements during curing. They are also a lightweight and flexible solution that is easy to manage. As with our other thermal solutions, our concrete duvets have been developed with an eye for sustainability and high quality. The strong, 3-layer construction ensures an insulation value that fulfils all requirements for an efficient and durable thermal solution. The concrete duvets are produced in accordance with the customers' wishes for shape and insulation performance.

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Case: Insulating concrete duvets retain the heat of concrete elements

Gandrup Element A/S has optimised the curing process of their concrete elements with Combitherm concrete duvets. They currently have a tailor-made solution where temperature sensors are placed underneath the insulating mats, which ensures complete control of the temperature.

“So far, we have acquired three concrete mats of this type and our experience with them has actually been good because the mats are easy to handle and ensure that the temperature is controlled. We can easily see this from our continuous measurements.”

Peter Lundquist, Quality Manager at Gandrup Element A/S

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Winter mats for outdoor use


Our winter mats are produced in sustainable materials, which are 100% non-toxic and dust-free. The insulation material is fixed in the foil, which means that the insulation will not collapse when the winter mats are used on vertical surfaces. The insulation material consists of 78% recycled fibres from soft drink and water bottles, and the strong foil is developed from 25% recycled plastic, which contributes to a more sustainable operation.

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Case: Winter mats protect the construction and ensure the quality at Dansk Boligbyg

At Dansk Boligbyg – a Danish turnkey contractor - there is a strong focus on the quality in which the building is to be delivered. Therefore, it is important to protect the construction while working. This also applies to a residential building in Aarhus.

"It is important to us that the construction appears without minor damage in the phases up to final completion, and it was actually a bit of a coincidence that we found out that we could use Combitherms winter mats as a cover. And I must say that it works flawlessly. Among other things, we use them to protect the railings on the balconies so that they are not hit by building materials, such as mortar, pebbles, and paint, etc., when we work upstairs."

Kenneth Kastbjerg Kreutzfeldt, Project Manager at Dansk Boligbyg

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Asphalt duvets for the building and construction industry


The asphalt duvets from Combitherm keeps the asphalt warm during transportation and ensures that it does not lose temperature but can still be used for paving on arrival. Unlike PVC tarpaulins, asphalt duvets can withstand direct contact with the asphalt, as the external layer of coated textile can tolerate temperatures of up to 220°C. The asphalt duvets can be designed according to specific measurements to fit your exact needs.

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Case: Keeping the asphalt warm all the way with asphalt duvets

When Munck Asfalt are repairing our roads, is crucial that the temperature of the 170°C warm asphalt is kept stable during transportation. The solution was resolved by heat-insulating asphalt duvets from Combitherm.

The specially sewn asphalt duvets are then placed on top of the canvas, and the asphalt in the truck bed. When the asphalt leaves the silo, it has a temperature of approx. 170° C, but the asphalt duvets are so effective that even if a whole day of road repairs are carried out at different addresses, the asphalt stays hot until the end of the day and is still possible to work with.”

Martin Boutrup, Head of Department at Munck Asfalt

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