Thermal solutions for the food industry

Thermal solutions

Food industry

Insulating thermal solutions ensure optimal temperature conditions for food and beverages

At Combitherm, we specialise in flexible and energy-saving thermal solutions that provide your food and beverages with the most optimal temperature conditions. Our effective thermal solutions allow you to protect your products against cold, heat or moisture from the environment.

Stable temperatures reduce food waste

We know that there are several factors that must be considered when handling and storing food products. There are certain food products for which specified temperatures have been set and needs to be observed both during transport and storage. This applies, among other things, to food products such as meat, bread, ice cream and dairy products, where uncontrolled temperature conditions can result in the deterioration of quality and hygienic conditions and thus non-compliance with food safety requirements. It is also important that food products preserve their freshness to avoid throwing them away.

Transportation of temperature-sensitive food products

Compliance with the temperature requirements in connection with both transport and storage at intermediate stations is crucial for the goods to arrive in optimal condition. It is therefore important that the cold chain is not broken when transporting food and temperature-sensitive products. When the goods need to be moved from, e.g., an aeroplane to a lorry or from a lorry to retail, there will often be periods when the goods are stored at an intermediate station before they can be transported further. On a hot summer day or a freezing cold winter day, there is a risk, that the goods are exposed to temperature fluctuations that do not meet the temperature requirements. There is also a risk that the goods are exposed to contamination by bacteria, dust and dirt when moved from one means of transport to another, which is detrimental to food safety.

Thermal solutions for your industry

A food business operator is responsible for ensuring that the transport does not result in problems with food safety, such as that the product becomes too hot or that the shelf life for consumers is shorter than stated by the manufacturer on the product.

It is possible to solve these challenges with an effective thermal solution that protects food, chocolate, baby food, milk powder, coffee, wine, etc. against temperature fluctuations and contamination from the environment during transport.

At Combitherm, we produce thermal solutions that consider your needs in the food industry. Our range of products includes thermal covers and insulating mats to meet your needs for a food-safe, efficient, and energy-saving quality solution.

The following industries use our thermal solutions:

  • Food producers
  • Food suppliers
  • Business enterprises
  • Retail establishments
  • Supermarkets
  • Nursing home kitchens
  • Industrial kitchens
  • Restaurants
  • Exhibition centres
  • Hotels
  • Festivals

Thermal covers for the food industry

Thermal covers are a flexible solution, where a three-layer construction comprising an outer foil, insulating material and an inner foil protects your food products against temperature fluctuations or contamination from the environment during transport or storage. Many of the foils we use are food-approved materials.

Our thermal covers are an effective solution, regardless of whether you need to ensure the temperature of food products while they are being transported from one place to another, put in place in the store or the temperature of food in a kitchen needs to be ensured. Our flexible manufacturing approach means that we can produce customised solutions that are ideal for your specific purpose.

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Case: Practical thermal covers ensure the correct temperature for food

Madservice Vejen delivers food to more than 800 residents in Vejen Municipality, and the correct temperature is crucial with over 30 different destinations and a sensitive product on board.

“KEN Storkøkken recommended the Combitherm thermal covers when the kitchen opened in 2011. In the past, we would stuff each box with cooling elements, but this is more cumbersome and takes more time because the elements would have to be moved each time. These thermal covers are the optimum solution, because they are easy to put on, and as soon as they are zipped up, they keep in the cold - even on a hot day.”

Gitte Larsen, Chief Economist at Madservice Vejen.

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Insulating mats for the food industry

Open refrigerators and freezers have a high consumption of energy, which leaves a big mark on both the electricity bill and climate, but you can reduce your energy consumption by covering them. It can, however, be an expensive solution to install glass lids in your open freezers or invest in new coolers that are closed. Insulating mats, on the other hand, are a less expensive and more flexible solution for covering your coolers at night and during weekends, where they are rolled out on the refrigerated counters and retain the temperature of your food products.

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Case: Insulating mats on refrigerated counters provide major energy savings

High energy prices demanded new solutions for Superbrugsen Ry who experienced a substantial increase in their energy bill. Store Manager Steffen Christensen therefore invested in insulating mats from Combitherm, which provide him with an energy saving of a full 30%.

“I remembered the insulating covers from earlier times. They haven’t been necessary for many years, but they now save about 30% on the electricity bill for the refrigerated counters we put them on. When electricity is so expensive, we must do something to reduce our electrical consumption. The insulating mats have had a renaissance in our store, and I know that other stores are using them as well. You have a very short payback time due to the current high energy prices.”

Steffen Christensen, Store Manager, Superbrugsen Ry

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