Thermal solutions for the transport industry

Thermal solutions

Transport industry

When shipping temperature-sensitive goods, the cold chain is secured with flexible thermal solutions

Transportation of temperature-sensitive goods involves several factors that must be reconciled. Different temperature requirements for goods and multiple changes of freight from, e.g. planes to trucks can be a challenge when a tight schedule must also be adhered to. Our thermal solutions help you with just that, regardless of whether you are transporting goods by ship, plane or truck.

Compliance with specific temperature requirements

Freight transportation and logistics are booming because of the increasing global demand for product and goods supplies. In this context, more demands are being placed on companies in the transport industry in terms of, e.g. compliance with GDP rules for pharmaceutical transport or the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration's regulations on the transportation of food. There are several risks associated with the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods, which requires good planning and efficient freight solutions.

The cold chain is secured with thermal solutions

Goods with specific temperature requirements can be particularly challenging to transport. It is often necessary to move the freight from one mode of transport to another, for example from plane to truck, or it may be necessary to store the freight at an intermediate station before it is transported further. In this context, it is essential to ensure that the cold chain is not broken when transporting pharmaceutical products, food goods such as dairy products, meat, fish and shellfish or chemical products such as paint and varnish. This also applies during transportation where compliance with temperature limits is important when documenting the supply chain. This requires thermal solutions that effectively protect the goods against temperature influences from the outside.

Flexible transportation of temperature-sensitive goods

In the transport industry, there is a growing demand to be able to offer flexible services where goods can be delivered quickly and safely to end users. This requires flexible thermal solutions. Temperature stabilisation of goods during transport is a challenging task.

At Combitherm, we have developed efficient and flexible thermal solutions that make it easy to transport temperature-sensitive goods - this applies to our insulating thermal covers and trucks partition walls. Our products ensure that your goods arrive with the correct temperature at the final destination.

The following industries use our thermal solutions:

  • Air freight companies
  • Shipping companies
  • Overland transport companies
  • Goods and courier services
  • Distribution companies
  • Production companies
  • Business enterprises
  • Retailers

Thermal covers for the transport industry

Combitherm's thermal covers protect goods against outside temperature fluctuations so that your goods maintain a stable temperature within a defined range (e.g. from 2°C to 8°C). The thermal covers are manufactured in a three-layer construction comprising an outer foil, insulating material and an inner foil.

At Combitherm, we specialise in producing customised solutions with an abundance of combination options that include foils, insulation materials and, not least, sizes, so that the covers fit precisely to the desired purpose.

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Case: Pharmaceutical goods comply with strict temperature requirements for thermal covers

Pharma Nord develops and produces medicines and dietary supplements, which are often transported by air to more than 40 countries. Transportation of these types of goods must live up to specific temperature requirements that must be complied with during all stages of transport, and the solution was Combitherm's thermal covers:

“We work within the product groups of medicines, vitamins and dietary supplements, and therefore work with very high quality standards in our company. We must therefore also control how the products reach the customer. By using Combitherm’s thermal covers, we achieve an even higher degree of assurance that our shipments comply with the temperature limits during transport.”

Claus Hansen, Supply Chain Manager and Chief Financial Officer at Pharma Nord.

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Air cargo covers for the transport industry

Our air cargo covers are part of Combitherm's range of thermal covers that ensure optimal temperature conditions for goods during transport by plane, ship or truck. The high quality of both production methods and materials ensures a long service life, thereby resulting in lower global costs.

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Case: Air cargo covers protect goods during all stages of transport

DHL is the world’s foremost logistics company and provides a number of transport solutions within, i.a., the pharmaceutical and food industries, where the level of requirements for the temperature of freight during transport is high. DHL came up with an effective solution in collaboration with Combitherm:

“In connection with pharmaceutical transport, we operate under GDP, a strict set of rules, where we must at all times be able to document that we comply with the requirements for correct temperature during the entire transport process. Our solution is ‘DHL Thermonet’, which is 24-7 monitoring that continuously monitors the temperature of the goods through temperature loggers. The covers from Combitherm are an optimal solution in this area, as they meet our requirements for protection against huge temperature fluctuations on the tarmac, are easy to handle and an economically good alternative to active refrigeration units.”

Hanne Reher, Sub-Regional Sector Head for Life Science & Healthcare at DHL in the Nordic and Baltic region

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Truck partition walls for the transport industry

Combitherm’s thermal truck partition walls allow the possibility of transporting several types of goods with different temperature requirements in the same truck. This provides you with a flexible solution that divides the truck into multiple temperature zones and can be pushed to one side when not in use. The partitions can easily be moved from one truck to another. They are also easy to manage for a solo driver, as they weigh no more than 580-760 gram per m² and can also be customised according to your specific requirements and objectives.

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