25 January 2024 - kl. 10:00

Combitherm appoints new CEO

For several years, Torben Hallstrup, now CEO, has worked closely with owner Henrik Christoffersen, who has now handed over the baton to Torben Hallstrup.

Torben Hallstrup is the new CEO at Combitherm A/S in Them, Central Jutland, and thus replaces owner and managing director Henrik Christoffersen. Combitherm produces insulating mats and thermal covers for a wide range of industries at home and abroad.

The 57-year-old Torben Hallstrup has been with Combitherm A/S for six years, initially as a business unit manager, and chief operating officer (COO) for the last four years. He has now been appointed chief executive officer (CEO) of the company as of 1st January 2024. Torben Hallstrup is married with two children and lives in Ry in Central Jutland.

‘I have essentially acted as managing director for the past few years with the support of our owner Henrik Christoffersen, who now feels it is time to give me full responsibility for the company,’ Torben Hallstrup says.

With the appointment as CEO comes the responsibility for leading the company towards new growth targets – particularly in the export markets and not least an acceleration of the development of sustainability at Combitherm. Torben Hallstrup receives the support of a professional board, of which the owner Henrik Christoffersen remains a member.

Wanting more time

In addition to his position at Combitherm A/S, Henrik Christoffersen (69) has had overall responsibility for both Combitherm A/S and Combi-Therm Consumer A/S, based in Randers.

‘This has worked well over the years, but I’m now reaching an age where, despite everything, I would still like to have some time for a few other things,’ says Henrik Christoffersen on Torben Hallstrup’s promotion. Henrik Christoffersen lives in Vejle. He joined the company as head of the finance department in 1991. He took over half of the company in 1995 and bought out the partner Jørck & Larsen A/S in 2010.

‘In 2018, the company was split into two, allowing each unit to focus on and develop its respective segment, with Combitherm A/S covering B2B, while Combitherm Consumer, as the name suggests, is focused on B2C,’ he says.

Ambitious plans

Combitherm has developed over the years and new goals are being set under Torben Hallstrup’s leadership.

‘We have an ambitious growth strategy for the coming years, where we would like to grow organically by 10 percent annually. In particular, this is to take place through an increased focus on the export markets in the pharmaceutical and food sectors. At the same time, we are working strategically on sustainability, both in terms of the company and our products, so as to reduce our consumption of raw materials among other things, and in future also deliver thermal solutions that are even more in line with sustainable development. We also actively work with CSR (corporate social responsibility) by focusing on integration through language lessons for our foreign employees, who come from Syria among other countries, and contribute to better communication in everyday life at Combitherm,’ says Torben Hallstrup, who is looking forward to steering Combitherm towards its new goals.

Further information

Any queries can be submitted to CEO Torben Hallstrup at th@combitherm.dk or +45 2334 0180.


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Photo: For several years, Torben Hallstrup, now CEO, has worked closely with owner Henrik Christoffersen, who has now handed over the baton to Torben Hallstrup.