Thermal solutions for the wind turbine industry

Thermal solutions

Wind turbine industry

Specially developed thermal solution ensures effective and even curing of wind turbine blades

Wind energy produced by wind turbines is helping to drive the transition to more climate-friendly and renewable energy. When the wind turbines are located on land and at sea, it is crucial that they can withstand the forces of nature, and the production of wind turbine blades is therefore a complicated process. With Combitherm blade covers, you get a specially developed thermal solution that ensures a stable temperature during curing of the blade elements, in order to achieve the right quality and strength.

Strong wind turbine blades require even heat distribution during curing

It is crucial that the curing process during the production of wind turbine blades takes place under optimal temperature conditions. When resin is used during the production process of wing elements, the curing process often needs to be carried out under high temperatures where heat must be distributed evenly over the entire wing element.

This can be difficult when handling very large items, such as wind turbine blades, regardless of whether the blades are produced in one piece or as two shells, which are then glued together. Heat generation during the curing process is crucial when it comes to the wind turbine blades developing their strength, which must be able to withstand the impact of vibrations, wind and weather.

The curing process is optimised, and energy consumption is reduced

Various insulation methods are used in connection with the curing process of wind turbine blades, but many are associated with several disadvantages. One of these is using single-use plastic for covering, but this solution generates a lot of waste that is not sustainable. Single-use plastic is also unable to withstand high curing temperatures and does not provide sufficient insulation, which prolongs the curing time.

The effects of temperature from the surroundings on the wing element may also have consequences. Temperature fluctuations in the surroundings can contribute to deterioration in the quality of the wing elements. Heating the halls where the wind turbine blades are produced can be a costly affair, but one solution for curing wind turbine blades is the specially developed blade covers from Combitherm.

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Blade covers for the wind turbine industry

Blade covers from Combitherm are produced according to specific measurements, which means that they fit perfectly over the moulds. This reduces temperature fluctuations and ensure an even and consistent heat distribution over the wing elements. The strong multi-layer construction can also withstand high temperatures of up to 220ºC, which can help reduce curing times during production. The high insulation performance can therefore result in lower energy consumption and the solution is uniquely adapted to the individual production conditions, which makes the covers easy to handle.

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