High-quality thermal solutions

World-class temperature control

Combitherm is amongst the leading European manufacturers of flexible, tailor-made and energy-saving thermal solutions for a wide range of industries working with temperature-sensitive products and processes and where temperature fluctuations must be kept to a minimum.

Our products include pallet covers, partitions, cover mats, winter, concrete and asphalt mats as well as composite covers, all of which are important elements in the cooling chain in the transport and storage of e.g., foods and medicine or in relation to companies wishing to stabilise casting and curing processes within concrete and composite.

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    Winter mats with insulation of 78% recycled fibres


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Thermal solutions for many industries

The transport sector, the food industry, the pharmaceutical sector, the composite industry, the construction industry and many more enjoy the benefits of the ability of COMBITHERM products to control temperatures in a variety of conditions.

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This is what our customers say about us

Satisfied customers form the basis of our existence. Amongst our cases, you will find a selection of both exiting collaborative partners as well as end users within our various product areas.

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Temperature matters

Regardless of which industry or customer we meet, it is always our goal to deliver an optimal, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly thermal solution that minimises temperature fluctuations and ensures high quality.

At Combitherm, we have worked with thermal solutions and thermal products for over 40 years, and most of our employees have been with us for several years. This means that we have a broad and deep experience with the development and manufacturing of customised quality solutions for a wide range of industries where the temperature must be under control.

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