COMBITHERM thermal concrete duvets


Thermal concrete duvets

Thermal concrete duvets - optimisation of the curing process both in the summer and the winter

The individually designed COMBITHERM thermal concrete duvets are the ideal all-year insulation solution when casting larger elements.

COMBITHERM thermal concrete duvets are tailored to the actual casting job and may therefore be optimally adapted to its shape.

The result is noticeable from advantages in relation to both throughput time, material costs and product quality.

Noticeable advantages

  • Shorter curing time when casting
  • Reduced throughput time – improved utilisation of moulds
  • Ensures a higher and more uniform quality
  • Possible to optimise material consumption
  • Produced to specific needs
  • Optimises curing even at significant temperature fluctuations
  • No thermal bridges (as when smaller duvets are joined up)
  • No need for plastic foil between the element and the duvet
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Quality throughout

COMBITHERM thermal concrete duvets are made in a strong multi-layer construction in highly efficient  Polywool® with spiral-shaped hollow-fibre polyester. Quality materials form the basis for the customer-specific solution in which shape, size, foil type and R-value are tailored to actual requirements and needs.

Individual design combined with the built-in flexi-bility of the duvet ensures easy handling and good fit in relation to the mould. An uncompromising choice of material gives COMBITHERM thermal concrete curing duvets significant strength and a long lifespan.

Customised solutions

Combitherm thermal concrete duvets may be manufactured in different sizes, shapes, foil types and insulation thicknesses tailored to individual production conditions.

Gandrup Element

Casting concrete elements is an advanced technological and chemical process that needs to be controlled down to the smallest detail in order to achieve the right quality. Gandrup Element A/S excels at this technique and has optimised the curing process in collaboration with Combitherm

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