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Thermal covers

Thermal covers - safe transport and storage of temperature-sensitive goods

Meeting temperature requirements in connection with transport and storage at en-route stops is decisive in ensuring that goods arrive in optimum condition. The foremost task of the thermal cover is to protect against the temperature influence of the surroundings – by stabilising the temperature within a defined interval (e.g. from 2°C to 8°C) which is achieved by the massive insulating ability of the themal cover. This stabilisation may be maintained for a few hours or for up to several days.

As the starting point, Combitherm thermal covers are manufactured in a three-layer construction comprising an outer foil, insulating material and an inner foil. We use a wide range of foils and insulating materials, a fact that provides a plethora of possible combinations when we tailor the optimum solution. We provide individual solutions for the transport of foods, pharmaceutical products, chemicals and electronics – both on land, on the water, in the air and for storage in warehouse hotels.

Noticeable advantages

  • Safe maintenance of the cold chain
  • Approved for foods
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Fire-retardant
  • High reflection of sunlight
  • Hygienic
  • Space-saving
  • Low own weight
  • Easy handling
  • Water-resistant
  • Insulation: 78% recycled fibers
  • Tailormade to measure
  • Extreme strength and durability
  • Breathable and water-repellent
  • Reduced risk of theft (the goods are completely covered)
Thermal covers for your solution
Thermal covers for optimal protection
Use COMBITHERM thermal pallet covers for safe transport and storage

Experience & knowhow

Combitherm has more than 40 years’ experience in the development and production of thermal covers adapted to specific customer requirements. The fact that we have our own production based on proven production methods means that we can cater for any individual customer requirements relating to insulating ability, construction, sizes, design and materials.

Tailored, literally!

We do not use standard measurements as all jobs are based on specific needs requiring unique solutions. With our flexible approach to production and production methods, we ensure that the price of Combitherm thermal covers is, generally, able to compete with that of standard products. Add to this the fact that our uncompromising high quality of both materials and production ensures a long lifespan and, thus, lower total costs (TCO). Contact us for a non-binding calculation of the TCO of a specific Combitherm solution.


Focusing on sustainability

The lifespan of a thermal cover depends on the type of foil used. However, notwithstanding the chosen solution, no compromises are made with respect to the quality which means that the pallet covers may be reused many times over – often for years. In other words, we create a more sustainable solution compared to products that are often to be discarded after a single use. If the thermal cover is torn, it can often be repaired. Add to this the fact that our insulating material contains 78% reused materials in the form of granules made from used plastic bottles. 










Quality, inside out

Combitherm thermal covers have a multi-layer design with highly efficient Polywool® with spiral polyester hollow fibers. A high performance design, a broad range of foil types and customized insulation amounts ensure optimal solutions.

Individual designs and tailored execution result in thermal covers that seal tightly around the goods and provide additional insulation value. High quality materials make Combitherm thermal covers very strong and ensure longevity.

Customised solutions

Combitherm thermal covers may be made from several different foil types and with varying insulation thicknesses depending of the customer-specific requirements.

Tested by the Danish Technological Institute – contact us for test results documentation.

Air cargo covers from Combitherm help DHL to deliver the promised quality

“In connection with pharmaceutical transport, we operate under GDP, a strict set of rules, where we must at all times be able to document that we comply with the requirements for correct temperature during the entire transport process. Our solution is ‘DHL Thermonet’, which is 24-7 monitoring that continuously monitors the temperature of the goods through temperature loggers. Here, the covers from Combitherm are an optimal solution for several reasons. They meet our requirements for protection against huge temperature fluctuations on the tarmac, they are easy to handle and they are an economically good alternative to active refrigeration units. However, the prerequisite is that the product has a degree of tolerance in relation to minor temperature fluctuations, which may be the case during loading/unloading at an airport,” says Hanne Reher.

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