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Thermal covers

Thermal covers - safe transport and storage of 
temperature-sensitive goods

Particularly within the food and pharmaceutical industry, compliance with specific temperature requirements is essential in connection with both transport and storage, to maintain the cold chain and for the goods to arrive in optimal condition.

Combitherm thermal covers are an effective solution when the goods must be protected against temperature fluctuations or contamination from the environment without any use of electricity or other energy.

Noticeable advantages

  • Insulation from 78% rPET fibres
  • Safe and simple maintenance of the cold chain
  • Effective protection against ambient temperature fluctuations
  • Temperature stabilisation from a few hours to several days
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Light, flexible and easy to handle
  • Option for food-approved foils
  • High reflection of cold, heat and sunlight optimises temperature stabilisation
Termoløsninger til medicinal- og fødevareindustrien
Thermal covers from Combitherm secure the cold chain during transport
Thermal covers protect temperature-sensitive goods
Thermal covers for safe transport by lorry, plane and ship
Combitherms thermal solutions have been developed with a focus on quality from the inside out

Quality, Inside Out

Combitherm thermal covers have been developed with a focus on quality and durability. The thermal solution is based on a strong multi-layer construction with efficient Polywool insulation with spiral polyester hollow fibres and a selection of foils for temperature stabilisation of, for example, food, medicine, chemicals, cosmetics and paint, and for transport by lorry, plane and ship.

Customised thermal solutions

Individual design and high flexibility ensure easy protection of temperature-sensitive goods and provide extra insulation value.

Combitherm thermal cover solutions also include barrel covers, roll cage covers, pallet covers and air cargo covers.

All types of thermal covers may be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes, foil types and insulation thicknesses depending on customer-specific requirements and needs.

Caring about the environment

An uncompromising choice of materials and a proven design mean that Combitherm thermal covers have a long lifespan and can be reused time and time again.

Polywool insulation consisting of 78% recycled fibres helps to increase sustainability and overall the effective insulating ability means that the thermal covers are an economically sound alternative to active cooling units.

Air cargo covers is an optimal solution for DHL

Case: DHL

Air cargo covers is an optimal solution for DHL

DHL specialises in global transport solutions in all emerging markets, including the food and pharmaceutical industries, where the requirements for correct temperature are in focus throughout transport. The solution from Combitherm was and is “rather simple” according to Hanne Reher: A specially sewn cover that can cover an air-cargo pallet with eight Euro-pallets, while at the same time maintain the desired temperature.

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