COMBITHERM thermal winter mats


Thermal winter mats

Thermal winter mats - optimises the curing time and prevents frost penetration

During the winter and in the cooler months, the winter weather and the low temperatures can be a challenge when curing foundations and concrete elements. Combitherm thermal winter mats with high insulating properties are the ideal solution.

The documented, high insulation capacity is further enhanced by the flexibility of the winter mat and construction, which ensures optimal coverage of the item. In addition, the insulation material is fixed in the foil, which means that the insulation will not collapse when the winter mats are used on vertical surfaces. 

Noticeable advantages

  • Insulation material with optimized insulation
  • Foils with 25% recycled plastic
  • Insulation with 78% recycled fibers
  • Extends the construction season
  • Strong welds provide increased strength and durability
  • Flexible – optimum adaptability
  • May be repaired, if torn
  • Space-saving
  • Environmentally friendly disposal
  • Free of poisons and dust – require no  protective equipment
Optimér hærdningstiden med termo vintermåtter fra COMBITHERM
Termo vintermåtter er en ideel løsning for nystøbte fundamenter
Termo vintermåtter fra COMBITHERM forhindrer frostindtrængning


There are numerous examples showing that professional end-users have reused the Combitherm winter mat for many years. If accidents happen, then the mat is torn out and repaired with gaffa tape. If water penetrates, the mat is hung up so that the water dries up. It is then taped up again and the mat can be used again - completely without deterioration of the insulation effect.

Space saver

Thanks to the insulation material Polywool ® The COMBITHERM winter mat can be compressed so that it takes up as little space as possible, both during storage as well as transport. Shortly after unpacking the mat can be unfolded to its full length.

Combitherm winter mat is made of environmentally friendly materials


The Combitherm winter mat is made of environmentally friendly materials, 100% non-toxic and dust-free. This means that it can be disposed of as combustible waste at the incinerator and therefore consumes less time with fewer costs.

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