COMBITHERM thermal truck partitions


Thermal truck partitions

Thermal truck partitions - efficient division of storage areas into several temperature zones

COMBITHERM thermal partitions optimises the possibility of combined lorry transportation of goods with different temperature requirements.

Light and flexible partition of the hold into e.g. chilled and freezer zones benefits both quality on delivery, costs and the environment.

Noticeable advantages

  • Reduced transport costs
  • Efficient use of the vehicle fleet
  • Flexible positioning adapted to the volume of goods
  • Reduced energy consumption due to the ongoing reduction of the chilled area
  • Easy to handle – weighs 580-760 gram per m2
Thermal truck partitions for efficient division of storage
Thermal truck partitions with light and flexible partition of the hold
Combine lorry transportation of goods with thermal truck partitions

Quality throughout

COMBITHERM thermal truck partitions are made in a strong multi-layer construction in highly efficient, anti-bacterial Polywool® with spiral-shaped hollow-fibre polyester. This forms the basis for the customer-specific solution in which shape, size, location of door/zips and amount of insulation are tailored to individual requirements and needs.

Individual design combined with the built-in flexibility ensures easy handling and efficient use of loading capacity. An uncompromising choice of material and strong, thoroughly tested construction ensures that the insulation capacity remains constant throughout the long lifespan of the partition.

  • Standard and specific measurements
  • Customer-specific shape and finish
  • Great strength and durability
  • Thoroughly tested high-performance construction

Customised solutions

Combithem thermal partitions can be manufactured in different sizes, shapes, foil types and insulation thick-nesses tailored to individual transport conditions.

All models can be manufactured to any required size!

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