14 November 2022 - kl. 11:00

Retail stores save on energy consumption with thermal insulating mats

Electricity has become really expensive, and the retail stores can feel it. In particular, the electricity bill for the many open refrigerated counters and freezers is a significant expense for the stores.

There is therefore good reason to cover open refrigerated counters with an insulating mat when the business closes in the evening. The high energy prices have led SuperBrugsen to cover their open refrigerated counters with insulating cover mats from Combitherm.

Every evening, the mats are rolled out on the refrigerated counters, where they insulate and retain the cold overnight. This way, the store avoids the cooling system running nearly as much. Before opening hours, the insulating mats are rolled up again. This way, the store saves 30 percent on the energy consumption of each refrigerated counter.

The insulating mats from Combitherm are available in different sizes, and can be adapted to the stores various refrigerated counters and freezers.

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