COMBITHERM Thermal insulating mats


Thermal insulating mats

Thermal insulating mats - maintains temperature and reduces energy consumption

Combitherm thermal insulating mats are an effective solution for open refrigerated counters during the night and weekend. The mats are rolled out on the open refrigerated counters to insulate and retain the cold. Then the cooling system runs less and the electricity bill for the many cooling counters and freezers is reduced.

Noticeable Advantages

  • Effective covering of refrigerator/freezer furniture
  • Effective insulation
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Documented energy savings of up to 40%
  • Extends the life of the compressor.
  • Quick removal and installation.
  • Minimal space requirements in storage.
Thermal insulating mats with noticeable benefits
Reduce energy consumption with thermal insulating mats from Combitherm
Thermal insulating mats with high insulation performance and less energy consumption


There are numerous examples of professional end-users have reused their Combitherm thermal insulating mat for many years.


Thanks to the material Polywool®, the Combitherm thermal insulating mat can be compressed so as to take up as little space as possible during storages as well as transport. Shortly after being unpacked, the mat has decompressed to its full size.

Customised solutions

Cimbitherm thermal insulting mats has a width of 108 cm and can be produced in different lengths depending on the size of the open refrigerated counters. The mats have thin, built-in rods, which means that they fit the refrigerated counters tightly. 

Refrigerated counters are covered with insulation mats

Case: High energy consumption at a small grocery store is solved with the help of insulation mats

Refrigerated counters and display freezers in shops are large and expensive to run, and it became a financial problem for shopkeeper Marianne Helboe, who runs the  grocery shop Min Købmand. Together with Combitherm, a small group of young engineering students came up with a solution that helped the grocer save both energy and money.

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Retail stores demand insulating mats for open refrigerated counters

High energy prices cause retail stores to cover open refrigerated
counters with insulating mats from Combitherm. It saves up to 30 percent on energy consumption for each refrigerated counter. One of the customers asking for the insulating covers
is store manager Steffen Christensen at SuperBrugsen
in Ry near Skanderborg, Denmark:

Read the case

Covering the open counters is the solution

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