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Retail stores demand insulating mats for open refrigerated counters

High energy prices cause retail stores to cover open refrigerated counters with insulating mats from Combitherm

High energy prices cause retail stores to cover open refrigerated counters with insulating mats from Combitherm. It saves up to 30 percent on energy consumption for each refrigerated counter.

Expensive electricity boosts demand

Combitherm, which manufactures and markets insulating mats for many different purposes, is currently experiencing high demand from the retail sector due to high energy prices.
Electricity has become very expensive, something the retail trade is affected by. The electricity bill for the many refrigerators and freezers represents a considerable expense for the shops.
That is why there is good reason to cover open refrigerators with an insulating mat when the store is closed. Combitherm has previously produced and marketed insulating covers for this purpose, but it was shelved some years ago when demand fell.
“But things suddenly changed. We get a lot of inquiries from supermarkets and retail stores regarding insulating mats, and we now deliver them in large scale again,” says Martin Blach Nielsen, Area Sales Manager at Combitherm.

Higher energy prices are a challenge

One of the customers asking for the insulating covers is store manager Steffen Christensen at SuperBrugsen in Ry near Skanderborg, Denmark:
“Our energy costs increased from the usual DKK 19,000 in September last year to DKK 100,000 in September this year. A very large part of this is electricity consumption. It's a five-fold increase, so we are looking for any solution that can save power. That's why we purchased insulating mats from Combitherm.” he says.

Covering the open counters is the solution

The mats are rolled out on the open refrigerated counters insulating the refrigeration system, to avoid cooled air in the refrigerator and hot air in the room to be mixed. The mats are removed just before the store opens and placed on a trolley, which can be stored away and taken out again when the store closes. The mats have thin, built-in rods, which means that they fit the refrigerated counters tightly. The mats are available in different sizes.

Clear results on the electricity bill

"I remembered the insulating covers from earlier times. They haven’t been necessary for many years, but now they save about 30 percent on the electricity bill for the refrigerated counters," he says.
“When electricity is so expensive, we must do something to reduce our electrical consumption. The insulating mats have had a renaissance in our store, and I know other stores using them as well. You have a very short payback time due to the current high energy prices,” he says.
SuperBrugsen in Ry is a well-run business with a large and robust customer base, so even though the energy bill is a burden on the budget, there is no crisis in the store. 
“But I have spoken with other stores where it's a huge problem, of course. Especially the smaller stores are very affected,” he says.

7 advantages of cover mats

  1. Effective covering of refrigerator/freezer furniture
  2. Effective insulation
  3. Hygienic and easy to clean
  4. Documented energy savings of up to 40%
  5. Extends the life of the compressor.
  6. Quick removal and installation.
  7. Minimal space requirements in storage.

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Photo at the top: ​High energy prices cause retail stores to cover open refrigerated counters with insulating mats from Combitherm. Photo: Torben Sigh.

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