Combitherm offers world-class customised thermal solutions

About us

World-class customised thermal solutions

Combitherm specialises in the design and production of thermal protection for a wide range of temperature-sensitive products and processes. For this reason, our products are important elements when the cold chain needs to be secured during transport and storage of e.g., foods and medicine or when casting and curing processes needs to be stabilised within the wind turbine and building & construction industries.

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Flexibility Matters

Customer-Oriented Solutions

No matter which industry or customer we encounter, our main goal is always to deliver an optimal, energy efficient and eco­friendly thermal solution that minimises temperature vari­ations. At the same time, our products should be easy to handle during storage or transport.

Although Combitherm has a standard assortment in stock, we are a make­to­order com­pany to make sure our customers will always get a solution perfectly tailored to their specific needs.

This is why we focus on close dialogues with our customers, with sparring, consultancy and flexibility as our keywords.

Our production setup always ensures short, flexible delivery times and competitive prices.

Knowledge Matters

Experience, Expertise and Vision

At Combitherm, we have been working with thermal products for more than 40 years and most of our employees have been with us for years.

This means that we have a lot of knowhow in relation to developing and creating quality solutions for a long line of industries where efficient and reliable temperature control is a must. We are always ready to offer advice and sparring, thereby ensuring that our customers get an optimal, customised solution.

Also, we constantly strive to develop and improve our products to ensure they are in line with the requirements of the market.

Quality Matters

Quality, Inside Out

Regardless of whether it is a winter blanket to maintain the optimum curing and frost protection in all kinds of weather at the construction site or a pallet wrap maintaining the right transit temperature of anything from foods to medicine, our products are subjected to severe strain and handling on an ongoing basis which makes high demands on quality and durability.

Hence, we always focus on developing, producing and delivering the best product and the best solution. Competent experts and efficient special machinery constitute the robust foun­dation for high quality and longevity.

We always use the best materials. Whatever the product, we use very sturdy, water­resistant and easy to clean foil. And the stitching is always made to ensure durability and details.

If an accident should occur and e.g. the product develops a tear, it can often be repaired without the highly insulating polyester filling losing its insulating ability.

Generally, this means that our products can be used for years.

Recycling Matters

Caring About the Environment

In addition to considerable durability and, thus, high recycling value, our products are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials which are non-toxic and dustless.

A significant part of our insulating material is made from the fibres of used PET bottles (from e.g. water and pop bottles) which, thus, contribute to increased sustainability and reduced waste of resources.

In addition, our thermal products are energy efficient as they do not require electric power or other forms of energy to minimise temperature changes.

Testing Matters

Products With Proven Effect

Our products are regularly tested by the Danish Technological Institute. The results underline and document the actual effect of using our products in specific usage situations.

In additi­on to documenting the effect, it serves as a guarantee towards our customers that it is safe to use Combitherm thermal solutions to protect products or production processes from undesirable temperature changes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you want to review the complete test reports.